Tsurupower Green Wall


Tsurupower is a revolutionary product by Daito Techno Green, Inc of Japan. It focuses on outdoor wall greening and beautification of buildings. The production of TSURUPOWER in Japan is limited as material requires high skilled craftmanship (80 m2 per day). As such, Midorie is the only licensed distributor overseas. The visual below indicates the rising level of TSURUPOWER use in Japan and the ever growing green environment.

TSURUPOWER PANEL is mainly used for outdoor wall greening. Support system for outdoor climbing plants which are suitable for external building greenification.


Low cost of green wall beautification

Reduces high maintenance

Accelerates environmental greening

Prevents wall damage unlike usual climbing plants as it is protected by coconut fibre

Reduces environmental heat. Improves internal cooling of building

Advantages of Tsurupower

Early Greening

Adopted “Climbing Hammut” by natural material palm fiber, suited to the Hedera climbing style. We will realize early and reliable climbing.

Provincial Maintenance

Primary management is almost unnecessary in Hedera. The dense and smooth evergreen wall is the charm of the wall greenery, which mainly consists of Hedelas.

Low Cost

Compared with the construction method that puts the foundation on the wall surface, it can be greened at low cost (low price).

Reduction of wall surface temperature and radiant heat

By the natural material palm matte, it brings out a natural tecture from the installtion and reduces wall temperature and radiant heat compared to mesh only.

Midorie Malaysia introducing the ” Tsuru Power Panel” that brigns you evergreen. ” Tsuru Power Panel” is mainly used for outdoor green wall. Whether it is hanging vines or climbing plants, growing makes it easy to reducing high maintenance. Green wall beautification at a lower cost can be done. The product technology has been patented in Japan. In Japan as of July 2018, we are proud to have built a green wall of approximately 450,000 square meters.

Due to common vision in improving the living enviroment, we have become the only distributor to supply ” Tsuru Power Panel” at overseas. Plants that able to climb evemly on the ” Tsuru Power Panel ” is mainly using Ivy plant species. Ivy species require almost no trimming and helps inlowering cost of maintenance. ” Tsuru Power Panel” allows everyone to participate in enviromental greening.

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