Midorie Frame

Midorie Wall Frame

Specially engineered round & square frame by Suntory Midorie for Pafcal planting. Its clean and modern appearance makes handling easier when caring for your plants. The frame can be placed either flat or upright.

Round Frame
Dimensions: 15.5 cm (W) x 5 cm (H)
Colors: Brown, Red or White

Square Frame
Dimensions: 19 cm (L) x 19 cm (W) x 4.5 cm (H)
Colors: white/ black/ red/ yellow/ ivory/ amber

How it work

Easy Pot

Easy Pot is a great idea to allow excess water to be stored in the easy pot at the bottom reservoir and provide nourishment to your plants. The cotton string enables water absorption which keeps the plant hydrated. Worry not on overwatering or underwatering your plants with this pot and keep your plants healthy while you are away for days and weeks.




NO watering is required.


Suitable to be used as table top display like office and living room.


Easy to maintenance and convenient to change plants.

Creative and Modern Design

Creative and modern design of this lovely planter will make your home more lively.


Great idea for door gifts or ornamental plants.

We provide a variety of household products that you can enjoy and experience nature at anytime and anywhere. We have Easy Pots (Medium & Big), Midorie Frame, and Hanging Plants on the Wall.

Easy Pots are one of our best-selling products as it is Easy to Use, Convenient, Clean, and requires minimal maintenance. With Easy pots, it suits best for people who are new to plants, has a busy lifestyle, or interested in Midorie products. Every Easy Pot comes with a Cotton Rope, which absorbs the water from the Pot, into the Pafcal.

Therefore, you will not need to water your Plant for at least 3 – 4 days, or even better, 1 week. However, the number of days before you water your plant again, strongly depends on the environment you’re in, and the plants you have. As certain plants requires little to no water to thrive, while others might require more water.