New Japan soilless technology – PAFCAL

PAFCAL is an organic product, made with the latest technology from Toyota Suntory Company which aim is to create a greener environment. The beauty of this product is it’s recyclable and sustainable. A test was conducted in Japan to prove its lifespan of 10 years and its non-flammable, with success. With PAFCAL, you are now able to have your own pot of plant instantly, instead of going through the process of planting a pot at home which requires a lot of time and effort. Besides, you do not have to worry about not watering them at the right time. If you’re busy with work schedule or do not have the time to take care of the plants, but you would like to have one, PAFCAL is the right choice for you. – “Soil-Free Fuss Free”

PAFCAL Benefits

PAFCAL is a ground-breaking material invented by Toyota Suntory Company of Japan. Pafcal is a combination of sponge and ground matter with 70% Air and 30% Water, while normal soil only retains retains 30% of air, therefore, PAFCAL is the best option to raise a plant. These are the benefits of owning a PAFCAL than regular soil:

Project Objective – How did we plant it so successfully?

PAFCAL provides the best balance for any plants. PAFCAL has a 70% Air and 30% Water. With that much of Air, it gives a lot of space and room for plants to grow within PAFCAL. PAFCAL is a combination of sponge and organic matter, hence, it has a very long lifespan of 10 years, recyclable, and sustainable.

3 Simple Steps To Use Pafcal To Grow Your Houseplant:

  1. Soak the Pafcal till it is fully absorb with water.
  2. Insert the stems/seed into Pafcal. (For transplanting, you can custom the design of your plant.)
  3. Water the Pafcal should you find it getting dry. Stay cool and observe the growing of your plant.

Idea for Soilless Gardening

Pafcal Contribute to the preservation of the global environment.

Soilless indoor plants
Vertical Green Wall

Soil-Free. Fuss Free.

Pafcal is the lightest among the soil substitutes, hence is widely used in vertical gardening.

It is not only suitable for outdoor use but also an easy and accessible planting material for houseplants due to its clean and hygienic characteristics of your plant.