Special Green Wall

“Mori no Kabe” (known as “Forest Wall”) is a system that uses a new material, known as “Pafcal”. Pafcal is used to create a much more natural look, with green wall surface without the need for soil. Pafcal is thinner, slimmer, easy to use, and require less maintenance than your conventional green wall systems, where the thickness and size creates unnecessary and unwanted problems to deal with.

Midorie System

Midorie’s System is unique and different from your regular water system. Midorie Plant Box System is a systematic box system that has an auto-timer water dispenser to all Pafcal and to each boxes, hence, all plants are watered equally. There are also drainage pipe and excess water drainage pipes, included in the system. All Pafcal receives 70% Air and 30% Water, which creates the perfect balance for all houseplants.

Water Tank (Recycle Tank)

The water tank system Midorie has are simple, easy to maintain, and sustainable. Furthermore, Midorie also provide two different tanks, a drainage pipe and excessive drainage pipe to prevent water from clogging up, which could lead to breeding of bugs, mosquitoes, and unpleasant smell and sight in your office. Midorie’s water tank system provides the public with ease when compared to your conventional wall system.