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Midorie Pest Killer


Do you have pest issue? If so, our Midorie Organic Pest Killer is the solution for you!

Super Effective Against: 
1. Powdery Mealybugs.
2. Downy Mildews.
Midorie Organic Pest Killer contains: 
1. Potassium Salt of Fatty Acids.
2. Pure Lemon Grass Essential.
3. Neem Oil.
1. Spray directly on the infected area
2. Dissolves into exoskeleton of Aphids, Whiteflies, Mealy Bugs, Spider Mites, and many more.
Usage Method:
1. Spray on Alternate Days, up to 5 times in 10 days, or twice a day (Depending on how serious it is)
2. Upon spraying, it prevents insects from spreading
3. Spray once or twice weekly (Depending on the seriousness of the insecticides)
How to use: 
1. Mix 10mL with 1L of water
2. Shake Well
3. Spray it directly onto the bugs/pesticides
Shelf Life: 
1 Year after open.

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